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Pinned topic Need information on the use of the sql rdb objects in the config editor

‏2010-03-16T16:59:25Z |
I am very confused by the use of the sql rdb ojbects tab located in the configuration editor as well as the fnsys_fg reference in the Guidelines for Installing and Updating Site-Controlled RDBMS Software for Windows Server Wingdln.pdf. I searched ibm, google, bing and some usergroups. Articles make reference to setting these objects up but not how and why they are used. I would welcome any information,article,insight into :
1-How is FileNet using these objects and fnsys_fg?
2-Is this setup a requirement or a recommendation?
3-If the system was originally set with rdb objects and no fnsys_fg what happens?
4-As an agency moves from IS 4.0 to 4.1+ does the new FileNet installation expect these references to be there? What would happen if they were not there when installing 4.1+.

Thank you for any information.