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Pinned topic Submit Industry and Application Papers for IEEE CLOUD 2010

‏2010-03-13T23:52:55Z |
The deadline of industry-track paper submissions for IEEE CLOUD 2010
has been extended to 3/20/2010 (

CLOUD 2010 tries to attract researchers, practitioners, and industry business leaders in all the following areas to help define and shape cloud computing, and its related modernization strategy and directions of the services industry. You are invited to submit research, engineering, and business innovation papers to the following areas:

•Infrastructure Cloud
•Software Cloud
•Application Cloud
•Business Cloud
•Service-Oriented Architecture in Cloud Computing
•Vituralization of Hardware Resources
•Virtualization of Software Resources
•Cloud Computing Consulting Methods
•Design Tool for Cloud Computing
•Maintenance and Management of Cloud Computing
•Cloud Computing Architecture
•Cloud Applications in Vertical Industries