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Pinned topic Error in connecting web-application to FileNet CE 4.5.1

‏2010-03-12T11:32:23Z |
I am trying to connect my web-application deployed in JBoss 4.2.3 to the FileNet CE 4.5.1 deployed in Websphere 6.1.I am able to connect using "http" but I am not able to connect using "iiop".My "iiop" connection code is:-
public class HelloDocument implements PrivilegedAction
private static final class ConfigInfo
static boolean USE_EXPLICIT_JAAS_LOGIN = true;
static String USERID = "sino";
static String PASSWORD = "Password123";
static String JAAS_STANZA_NAME = "FileNetP8";
static String CE_URI = "iiop://ip-add:2814/FileNet/Engine";
static String FOLDER_NAME = "MyDocument";
static String LOCAL_FILE_NAME = "c:/temp/rupanjal6.txt";
static String DOCUMENT_TITLE = "My Document Title";
static String CONTAINMENT_NAME = "My Document";
static boolean USE_SKIP = true;

private Connection conn = com.filenet.api.core.Factory.Connection.getConnection(ConfigInfo.CE_URI);

public void AddDoc() throws LoginException

Properties env = System.getProperties();
System.setProperty("","G:\\Rupanjal\\JBOSS JVM ARG\\jaas.conf.WebSphere");
System.setProperty("","G:\\Rupanjal\\JBOSS JVM ARG\\sas.client.props");

//System.setProperty("java.naming.factory.url.pkgs", "org.jboss.naming:org.jnp.interfaces");
//System.setProperty(Context.PROVIDER_URL, "iiop://ip-add:2814");
System.out.println("CE is at " + ConfigInfo.CE_URI);
System.out.println("ObjectStore is " + ConfigInfo.OBJECT_STORE_NAME);
System.out.println("Connection on " + env.getProperty(Context.PROVIDER_URL));
HelloDocument fd = new HelloDocument();
loginAndRun(fd, ConfigInfo.USERID, ConfigInfo.PASSWORD);
Subject subject = UserContext.createSubject(fd.conn, ConfigInfo.USERID,

The error is:- unable to find LoginModule class: Source)$000(Unknown Source)$ Source) Method) Source) Source)

My modification login-config.xml is:-
<application-policy name = "FileNetP8">
<login-module code = "" flag = "required" />

Can anybody please help me out?As I am new to FileNet.Do i need to any other configuration in some file?What jars i should add?