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Pinned topic cicsadd.exe problem in Windows XP

‏2010-03-11T00:35:42Z |
Hello again,

Am Windows XP, RDz and TXSeries I update CICS tables via a long but simple batch CMD file part of which contains:

cicsdelete -c pd -r REGION1 -B DD10P01
cicsadd -c pd -r REGION1 -B DD10P01 ^
PathName=c:\ghexetxs\DD10P01.ibmcob ^
ResourceDescription="Main Menu program "
cicsdelete -c td -r REGION1 -B DD1A
cicsadd -c td -r REGION1 -B DD1A ProgName=DD10P01 ^
ResourceDescription="Main Menu program "
cicsdelete -c pd -r REGION1 -B DD10P02
cicsadd -c pd -r REGION1 -B DD10P02 ^
PathName=c:\ghexetxs\DD10P02.ibmcob ^
ResourceDescription="Function Menu program "
and several more

When I run this CMD file for the first time where nothing exists in the CICS tables, it works perfectly and non-stop.

If I rerun it, or parts thereof, every action gives me the 'cicsadd.exe' window as shown in the attached PNG - then I have to decide whether to send the error to Microsoft or not - surely this isn't right?

Is there something wrong with cicsadd/me/Microsoft?

As always, please, thanks,
Graham Hobbs

2nd question (while I'm here or should I submit separately?):

I can find no way to 'talk to CICS' from CMD line stmts or from a Rexx. I would dearly love to code (over simplified):

if exist 'DD10P01 in pd REGION1'
update it
add it

followed by:

start cicsterm -r REGION1 -td DD1A (something like that, that would invoke the transaction my cicsadd's have just added)

.. can either of these be done?
e.g. I think cicscp gets one to a region but not to a terminal or a transaction.
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  • lakshuraghav
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    Re: cicsadd.exe problem in Windows XP

    ‏2010-09-21T06:25:18Z  in response to graham40
    Hi Graham Hobbs,

    I dont see anything wrong in the commands that you are executing. You can contact IBM support to check why the program is crashing...

    To answer your second question, you can talk to cics directly from command line using EPI(External Presentation interface)/ECI(External call interface).

    More details about ECI/EPI are here:

    You can find a sample program in C:\Program Files\IBM\CICS Universal Client\samples\c\eci

    • graham40
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      Re: cicsadd.exe problem in Windows XP

      ‏2010-10-14T00:10:07Z  in response to lakshuraghav
      Hi Raghu,

      Because I generate windows cmd files containing a slew of cicsdeletes and cicsadds regardless of what's in a resource table, I was guided to use a cicsget and generate a simple cicsadd only when a resource entry wasn't there - so that now works! So whether my typical massive attack on a table would still give problems I don't know.

      Have read your comments about 'talking to cics' from the cmd line I will be taking a close look at the references offered.

      All took a while:-) and I do thank you for your help.