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Hi All,

I have an issue with my java spring application (batch process) we are migrating our our batch process from weblogic 10.3 to webshere 7.0 .We are having a major performance issues.Does anybodyahve any suggestion on how to improvise performance ?
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    Re: Migration Performance Issues.

    Thanks for using the IBM WebShere Aplication Server Migration Toolkit. I cannot tell from your post whether the performance problems you are seeing are with the migration tool, or with running the application on WebSphere after it has been migrated. If it is with the tool, you might try a couple of things:
    1) increasing the java heap size via the -Xmx parm when you start eclipse
    2) use the "Scope" tab when you do the Analysis and select a smaller subset of projects to analyze
    If the performance problem is with running the application on WebSphere Application Server, I would start by checking out the tuning parameter "hot list" at:

    More general WebSphere Application Server tuning information:

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