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Pinned topic Lookup Table Descriptions not appearing on drop-down menu

‏2010-03-09T17:47:18Z |
Hi there

This is something small, but noticeably frustrating for me and possibly for users with more than one Company to maintain as I'd rather search for a Company by name and not by memorizing it's code. The 'Group - Description' on the drop-down menu when either 'Defining' or 'Editing' a look-up table has disappeared despite the description being present in the actual 'Description' box of the look-up table.

I've attached a picture to illustrate. The "Before" is from a backup of the application in January 2010. The "After" is the current application.

Please let me know your thoughts on what may have changed this as I've noticed the same problem on another client's application.

Many thanks,