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Pinned topic Process Killed messages on serial console

‏2010-03-08T05:16:14Z |
Iam geting the process killed messages on my serial console.I dont want this to happen.

  1. stopcasc
/usr/bin/casc: line 43: 2301 Killed ./casc

Sometimes even the command execution line comes on the serial console like

  1. set hour 12
./set_hour -x 12

In the syslog.conf file, I have redirected all the messages to a file.I still dont know why iam getting these message.I have searched and found that this may be because of the parent shell sending a message about its child script getting killed, but i dont know how to do this in the scripts.

Also,is it possible to disable the kernel log messages like.There are lot of them coming on the screen.I have already commented KLOGD_OPTIONS="-x" in /etc/sysconfigs/syslog

Mar 6 22:05:45 localhost kernel: parport: PnPBIOS parport detected.