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Pinned topic Assist with New Research into the Future of Mainframes

‏2010-03-03T18:32:12Z |
Hi all-

I'm researching best practices for the use of mainframes, and I'd really appreciate your help. The survey is live at , and covers both the workloads your mainframe currently supports and planned developments within your organization. I'm interested in charting the future of mainframe computing in the age of the cloud; I hypothesize that it will be a bright one, but I need data from mainframe users to support my guess.

To thank you for participating in this research, I will deliver the aggregated results of the research to you. Discover the core business applications that run on mainframes (including enterprise systems, data warehouses, web applications, firewall technologies, and communications services), as well as the operating environments and software architectures currently in use or planned. Are you perceptions of the future of mainframe computing accurate? Are you missing opportunities, not taking advantage of 3rd-party support, or fuzzy about distributed, outsourced, heterogeneous, and centralized computing paradigms?

I will post a link to the aggregated findings of the research to this discussion as soon as they are available.

Thank you very much for your feedback, and for completing the survey at .

Max Gladstone
Research Associate, Technology Markets
Aberdeen group