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Pinned topic HACMP on Linux

‏2010-03-02T15:46:29Z |
I wanna to install HACMP on Linux platform on Intel Hardware, is it possible ?
If possible, then how, any good link, and hacmp download link for Linux on intel platform ?

Thanks in Advance
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  • Casey_B
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    Re: HACMP on Linux

    Sorry, not possible.
  • bodily
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    Re: HACMP on Linux

    Possible? maybe, if on a supported version of Linux, but not sure. Supported? Absolutely not as it was intended for POWER systems only.
  • j.gann
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    Re: HACMP on Linux

    hacmp is commercial, it runs on aix and linux, power systems only.
  • oczkov
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    Re: HACMP on Linux

    This answer maybe late, but you should look for:

    • SLES HAE (High Availability Extention)
    • RedHat Cluster Manager
    • Veritas Cluster Server for Linux
    • SteelEye/SIOS LifeKeeper for Linux
    • Oracle Clusterware (if using OEL with Oracle)

    None of the options is actually free.

    PowerHA for Linux runs only on PPC. If looking for something free check http://www.linux-ha.org/wiki/Main_Page