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‏2010-02-25T01:07:21Z |
The following new practices are available for download from the Practices Plug-ins for Rational Method Composer page ( ):

Systems Engineering
This is the first release of a set of new 9 practices for Systems Engineering:
Elaborate Draft System Requirements Specification
Detailed Use-Case Requirements Analysis
Build and Validate Use Cases
Architectural Analysis - Key System Functions
Architectural Analysis - Operation Based
Trade Study - Weighted Objectives Method
Architectural Design - Use-Case Based
Architectural Design - Operation Base
Joint Realization

Determine Application Modernization Strategy

This practice defines an application modernization roadmap, including strategies to resolve cost and time-to-value issues. It uses several techniques, including workshops and deep code analysis, to provide a better understanding of the targeted application and how it should evolve.

Also recently posted (but mentioned in an earlier forum posting) is:

*IBM Practices for Agile Delivery

This is a download to supplement the RMC practices library with additional content related to Measured Capability Improvement Framework (MCIF) for Agile Delivery. (Download it from ).

This is just a start - more will be coming throughout the year...

Bruce MacIsaac
Manager RMC Method Content