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Pinned topic Great Application, still no discussions?

‏2010-02-21T22:06:06Z |
Hello all ECM enthusiasts,

doesn't anybody use this cool integration product? No comments or discussions since October 2009?

I am working on ECM things using the IBM Content Manager, CommonStore, ICC etc. at a business partner im Germany. Our main customer focus is the SMB market.

We are very appreciated now having a desktop and web-UI integration. We were waiting for such a solution, because it is giving us the missing link from CM to document management. The IBM Document Manager always seemed to be oversized for SMB companies.

Additional features with the upcoming Quickr Next will hopefully give the customers more and more capabilities getting the most from their archived content, like adding metadata.

It would be good to have a place to exchange experience about ECM Services for Quickr.

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  • christopha
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    Only rare discussions or really rare usage?

    About one and a half year has gone since my post and I can see only 20 threads in this forum. What are the reasons?

    • Is there no need for Quickr or even desktop integration of CM8 or Filenet CM documents?
    • Is the app not useable in real life?
    • Is all running fine without any issues or questions?
    • ???

    I would appreciate to chat with other business partners, customers and IBMers about the usage of CMQS.

    Still waiting...