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Pinned topic URL addressability - Passing credentials

‏2010-02-19T17:16:42Z |
As you know From a content integration server URN, a simple URL can be constructed to retrieve any item through a standard HTTP request to the content integration server if we know the Content ID of the underlying content.

The URL to retrieve the content may look similar to the one below


as you know every time we hit the link it prompts for user id and password, is there a way we could pass the credentials as well (programatically) so that the users doesn't have to put their credentials every time they look at the content.

Thanks for your time
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    Re: URL addressability - Passing credentials

    Hi Arun,

    To my knowledge, credentials are not passed in the URL when using URL Addressability. What version are you working with, and can you use the SOA features of ICI instead?