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Pinned topic Does someone know if TeamWork works with Optim?

‏2010-02-16T16:04:55Z |
HI All,

TeamWork was recently approved as "ready for IBM Rational Software") - it is meant to bring "source control management (SCM) to applications and databases". (I am sorry but I can link to it for some reason - it would be great if someone can help out and post the link to this company - dbmaestro - that produced this software

In any case - can you tell whether this software works properly if you use Optim?

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    Re: Does someone know if TeamWork works with Optim?

    I can only comment on Optim products, not other company's products.

    Eclipse projects can easily be stored in ClearCase using Eclipse Team; thus Optim products based on Eclipse can integrate with ClearCase as documented in this article.