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Pinned topic Error when trying to save Monitoring Configuration to Client

‏2010-02-15T16:25:47Z |
Hi *,

when loading an Active Monitoring Configuration, Modifying it and Saving it back to the Client it was loaded from i get several errors:

Error while updating STANDARD.cepest!
Error while updating FILENET_PE.cepest!
Error while updating!
Error while updating!
Error while updating FSM_ADDON.cepest!
Error while updating!

The change in the monitors configuration is nevertheless being done.

Probably this is to be seen in conjunction with my Thread entered some minutes before.

Any Ideas ?
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    Re: Error when trying to save Monitoring Configuration to Client

    ‏2010-02-16T17:30:29Z  in response to fkuehner
    The problem is solved.
    The name resolution was wrong, the hostname returned by cala_rex must be the same like the one added to the webconsole.

    After fixing the name resolution the distribution worked.