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Pinned topic Missing Client-Configuration Templates

‏2010-02-15T15:50:28Z |
Hi *,

i am in a customers environment (FSM 4.01) that has been treated by some other persons, obviously not really knowing what they did. Now there are some very strange things which prevent us from doing some configuratons work.

First one:

When trying to install a new non-FileNet FSM-Client, the Installers GUI doesnt offer the choice to select "FSM Client UNIX" or "FSM Client Windows". It just says "-- No configuration". The Tar-GZ-Files are available and located in %FSM_Root%\repos\install\configurations. Cala_Rex is installed and working properly. Installer also recognizes that the Target-System is an AIX-Box.

Second one:
When trying to (re-)configure a FileNet System and starting the Installers GUI, it does not load the once configured (e.g. systems automatically via "crx://repos/config/PAM".. i have to start it locally on the FSM-Server and navigate manually to %FSM_Root%\repos\config\PAM and load them from there.

Any suggestions ?

best regards

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    Re: Missing Client-Configuration Templates

    Same solution as the other thread from Freddy, all related to name resolution.
    If cala_rex can't find the hostname in the database (Webconsole) it does not get any rights to do actions on that client.