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Pinned topic 58004 non severe error

‏2010-02-11T08:18:15Z |

we get 58004 non severe errors on windows mobile DB2E V9.
usually this does not happen frequently.
the SQL State is always 58004. The SQL ErrorCode divers. Most time the error is gone after reset.

But now this error happen more often! There is even a case, where the error can't be fixed anymore by reset.
It just happens after this simple command:
INSERT INTO tagesabschluss (vu, artikelnr, datum, uhrzeit, mit_rechnung, voll, leer, mengeneinheit, bezeichnung, ein_quittung, ein_rechnung, ein_bar, name_fahrer, kz_lkw, kz_hpc, status) VALUES ('001','BG2','2010-02-09','16:35:01','T','0.000','0.000','BUC','BUC','12054.61','947.36','12054.61','PASCAL MILUS','B-16-LJN','','M');

SQL ErrorCode:-13
SQL State:58004

in this case the database (or at least this table) is totally corrupt now. Even when i copy the DSY* files to the PC and run the insert into via DB2eCLPU.exe i get this error.

what does 58004 mean ?
how can i avoid this problems ?

Andreas Merkle