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Pinned topic Handling unbalanced SelectionProperties in MultiQuery

‏2010-02-10T20:44:18Z |
Greetings. I am running IICE 8.4 FP4. I am currently using the MultiQuery operation to perform federated queries to 2 repositories. I have a situation where I have 4 elements mapped in my DataMap that matches up 4 element names from each repository. I also have 3 additional elements (or selection properties) that I need to pull back from RepoA but they do exist on RepoB. In other words, I am requesting 7 selection properties from RepoA and 4 from RepoB. While I am attempting to resolve the unbalance selection properties by using the FQT, do you have any best practices and/or suggestions on how to approach this. Needless to say, I am familiar with the error denoting "...columns of arrays with different lengths..."
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    Re: Handling unbalanced SelectionProperties in MultiQuery

    Let me clear up a potential misunderstanding of my question. I am wanting to send down 7 selection properties in my federated query. 4 of these selection properties exist on BOTH repositories (and are mapped accordingly in the DataMap), and there are 3 additional selection properties that only exist on RepoA. So RepoA knows about, and will receive, 7 selection properties and RepoB knows about 4 and will receive 4 selection properties. Is this a normal federated approach or is it more normal to have the same "common" selection properties sent to both repositories?