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Pinned topic Multiple attachments in email notification stage

‏2010-02-08T16:11:56Z |

I'm having trouble using the email notification stage. It works OK when I send a single attachment (or no attachamgnet), but when I try to send multiple attachments, I get an error like the following on the second and succeeding files:

WARNING - MISSING ATTACHMENT: Cannot open attachment file '"file1.csv'

The file is there, by the way; the first file gets sent properly. Can someone tell me what the correct format is? I've tried various ways, such as:

"file1.csv, file2.csv, file3.csv"


"file1.csv", "file2.csv", "file3.csv"

with or without spaces between the file names, and using single quotes or double quotes. The reference manual doesn't give an example of sending an email with multiple notifications, unfortunately.

By the way, this is running under DataStage 7.5.1.A on an IBM AIX server.

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    Re: Multiple attachments in email notification stage

    I think I've found the problem. The Help function in Designer tells you to enclose the list of file names in quotation marks, but it only seems to work without quotation marks, in a comma-separated list such as the following:


    Here's what the help (as well as the developer's guide) says:

    "Attachments. Files to be sent with the email. Specify a path name,
    or a comma-separated list of pathnames (in the latter case this
    should be contained in single-quotes or double-quotes). You can
    also specify an expression that resolves to a pathname or comma-separated

    I hope this error is corrected in version 8.