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Pinned topic Exception thrown while connecting to records manager using java api

‏2010-02-04T07:52:49Z |
We are trying to declare a record into FPOS_OS, using java code.
While executing code we are getting the following error message

ERROR WebContainer : 0 - throw Unusable protocol configuration: iiop://
com.filenet.wcm.api.ConfigurationException: Unusable protocol configuration: iiop://

2/2/10 11:15:10:357 IST 00000034 SystemErr R com.filenet.rm.api.exception.RMException: Unable to set the passed objectstore as the BaseObject. Passed objectstore WCM: ObjectStoreImpl with id FPOS_OS in lib FPOS_OS do not support File Plans, the objectstore is not a valid File Plan objectstore.
The java code to declare record is as follows:

import com.filenet.wcm.api.Session;

RMObjectStore loRMOS = null;
String userId = "FNAdmin";
String password = <FNAdmin password>;
String appId = "MyDocClass"; // a fully-qualified class name is a good choice
String remoteServerUrl = "iiop://";
com.filenet.wcm.api.ObjectStore os = null;
// Initializes a Session object to connect to the ObjectStore
Session session = com.filenet.wcm.api.ObjectFactory.getSession(appId, null, userId, password);
// Creates an instance of the required FPOS where the record is to be declared
os = (com.filenet.wcm.api.ObjectStore) com.filenet.wcm.api.ObjectFactory.getObjectStore("FPOS_OS", session);// Initializes an instance of RMObjectStore
loRMOS = new RMObjectStoreImpl((com.filenet.wcm.api.ObjectStore) os); ####### exception is thrown here #######

Please let us know if code is correct. Also we are not sure if the url and protocol we used is correct: "iiop://".

Environment: FileNet P8 CE 4.0
O/S: linux
Application server: Webspehere WAS 6.1
CE Database: SQL Server 2005
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    Re: Exception thrown while connecting to records manager using java api

    i think that u r using record manager first time.. ok..
    first of all u have to use 'cemp:iiop' protocol rather than 'iiop'.. second thing u have to set sas.client.props file... third nd most important thing is that u hv 2 set System.setProprty for three files.. sas.client.props,, jaas.conf.websphere(if deploying it on web sphere)...