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‏2010-02-01T09:54:24Z |
I was using iSeries Client access tool for Windows Server 2003 (32 bit version). It was V5R3M0. I was using the cwbx.dll in my project. Now i need to upgrade the application to Windows Server 2008 (64 bit version). Accordingto what i found V5R4M0 and V6R1M0 supports Windows Server 2008. And there is another tool named IBM HACP FOR ISERIES. Will i get the same dll from these? Will i need to do code cahnges in the application? What tool will be best for me to use? Or are there other alternatives? I'm sorry for posting this here but i found it hard to access a iSeries Access for Windows forum. Whould ge gratefull too if someone can direct me to a more appropriate forum.