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Pinned topic Regarding Reports in Business Glossary

‏2010-02-01T09:15:02Z |
I need to generate reports from the IBM Business Glossary with the following information. This information needs to be for a time period like the
previous 1 week or previous 1 month.

Categories Added
Categories Deleted
Categories Modified
Terms Added
Terms Deleted
Terms Modified

Is it possible to generate such kind of a report from the business glossary? Any help would be deeply appreciated.

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    Re: Regarding Reports in Business Glossary

    In the business glossary browser advanced search (since BG 8.1.1), you can add a "Date Last Modified" condition that allows you to get report of the terms or categories that were modified in the time frame that you define. You can export the search result to CSV.
    More sophisticated reporting capabilities are available in the Metadata Workbench (MWB), where you can also query by creation date, define complex criteria and specify the columns returned for the report.

    Here is reference to the documentation (BG/MWB 8.1.2):

    BG advanced search:
    MWB queries:
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    Re: Regarding Reports in Business Glossary

    The IBM Metadata Workbench will allow querying of such informaiton - including

    Glossary Term - when was the term created or modified (add a filter according to a Date Range)

    Glossary Term - their parent Category, Assigned Asset, Description or any other property or relationship.

    Glossary Category - when was the category created or modified (add a filter according to a Date Range)

    Glossary Category - included Terms, Description or other properties or relationships.
    Deleted Terms would not be supported, however one can use the Term Status to manage the deprication of Terms,
    hence not delete the Term, but depricate the Term, the Term does not display for the User,