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Pinned topic Questions & Problems Installing FSM 4.0 on Windows

‏2010-01-27T22:30:38Z |
Has anyone successfully installed FSM 4.0 on Windows with Apache, PHP and MySQL?

I run through the setup of Apache, PHP and MySQL just fine. I have set up the required install variables before running the install script, but when it starts running I notice a lot of errors with the database. I output the console to a log file since there isn't one created and I found out that the sql files appear to be wrong.

In the end, I get the application running, but I cannot login because of what appears to be a database problem. I can only assume that they do not want this to run on Windows because its not very well put together.

Please help!!! I would value some input or insight into this Product.

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    Re: Questions & Problems Installing FSM 4.0 on Windows

    Hi Chad,
    I've installed FSM 4.0 server on Windows/PHP/Apache/MySQL many times. The variables must be set correctly for the installation to proceed.
    A logfile will be created by default in the path specified in the install command.
    Are you a customer? Did an IBM or Cenit consultant install the first instance of FSM at your site?
    Have you opened a PMR?