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Pinned topic How to re-enable the console tty1

‏2010-01-22T13:33:47Z |

I had disabled my bash prompt to run my cli at init level 3 using
1:2345:off:/sbin/migetty tty1 in /etc/inittab.

This will stop my console tty1 from coming up and therefore my bash prompt will be stopped.

But i also wanted to re-enable the console tty1 to access the bash.Is there any command or script which can be used from an cli ?

I have enabled only one console tty1 for login.

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    Re: How to re-enable the console tty1

    mingetty is not the bash prompt, it's the login prompt. And why disable it if you want it to run after your script? Read the man pages for inittab to learn about the commands, particularly the wait command, that are used in init processing. You seem to be inventing a problem that shouldn't exist. You really need to understand the environment you're working in when you want to mess with system initialization.

    Ian Shields