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‏2010-01-15T13:12:27Z |
January 14, 2010

* Stripe group configuration change so data block loss cannot occur if data is being ingested along with the configuration changes.
* Fix policy handling of rules of the form "EXCLUDE FROM POOL" to prevent LOW_SPACE events from incorrectly being logged.
* Fix problem on systems configured with large maxFilesToCache that could cause file systems to be unmounted on some client nodes when running recovery after a manager node failure.
* Replace the lsvg command with getlvodm.
* Fix ioctl opcode conflict with FIGETBSZ on Linux kernel 2.6.31 and later.
* Fix fsck to avoid incorrect reporting and fixing of filesystem corruption in a heterogeneous cluster.
* Avoid confusion when using a local fcntl lock versus an NLM one.
* This fix will give users early warning and exit when unlinked filesets are present. It also prevents further processing of files that would otherwise give the user misleading error information.
* Limit the number of attempts made to destroy nfsd threads in mmnfsquorumloss in case an nfsd thread is stuck waiting for IO to complete in GPFS.
* Do not stop NFS or unexport fs on quorum loss. Kill NFSDs that are stuck during setNfsdProcs.
* Prevent occasional hang under high stress when several nodes concurrently share multiple directories.
* Fix mmdelnode syntax error checking.
* Fix data corruption when using mmap.
* Avoid kthread waiters in cNFS clusters after failover.
* Fixed the allocation code which caused a loop during metadata allocation. This problem only affects filesystem with metadata replication enabled.
* Fix mmbackup incremental to handle conversion from short filename records to new longer records after upgrade to or later.
* Fix Linux "mmnfsinit start" command and return correct return code.
* Fix problem where a multi-threaded workload reading extended attributes from a large number of files could cause accumulation of a large number of byte range tokens leading to slowdown and spurious ENOMEM errors.
* Add support for -N nodeList option in mmbackup version 3.1 and 3.2.
* Keep FS descriptors off of excluded disks even if they come online.
* Fix assert failure on FS manager node when unmountOnDiskFailure=yes and a disk fails after installed.
* Reduce number of inodes copied to snapshots.
* Do not let socket get stuck in reconn_cleanup state following repeated breaks that occur just after connection handshake completes.
* Reduce the pagepool usage by inode allocation segments during FS manager initialization or recovery.
* Fix a problem with cutting traces in a CNFS setup.
* Fix filesystem panic when a failed disk holds a FS descriptor and returns unexpected error codes.
* Ignore un-supported permission flags passed to gpfs_i_permission on SLES11.
* Correct intermittent bug where mmlsfileset fails to show junction paths.
* Fix for a rare race condition that may cause an assert in the invalid fileset object disposal path.
* Fix for a SIGSEGV on Windows caused by a race in accessing the ACL file.
* Correct processing to prevent quota requests from being performed while the quota manager operations are being quiesced.
* Fixed error handling for ibv_reg_mr call.
* Correct a rare problem (due to an error encountered writing quota files) that can prevent a newly created filesystem from being mounted.
* Fixed a problem which prevents filesystem remount after a forced umount due to error(ie. filesystem panic,quorum loss, etc).
* Fix quota manager cleanup when file system manager migrates.
* Fix a file structure error caused by SetAllocationSize.
* Handle IB port event of LID change.
* Correct a problem when verifying that the daemon is down from a Windows node.
* Fix signal 11 due to bad RDMA index and cookie received from the TcpConn in verbs::verbsClient_i.
* Fix possible deadlock restriping a file system with data replication enabled under application load and with small pagepool.
* Warning messages on conflicting opertaions are sent to stderr to avoid littering stdout.
* Resolved an issue that in rare cases could cause GPFS to terminate when tracing is enabled.
* Fix a problem in mmdf where number of free inodes may become negative.
* Fix race condition that occurs due to disk failure during clmgr election while using tiebreaker disks.
* Fix assert "offset < ddbP->mappedLen" when reading dirs.
* Fix allocation manager problem that caused pool to not be deleted when it should have been.
* Fix assert due to invalid fcntl acquire sleep element found on the kernel queue.
* Fix a rare bug that occurs during nsd config change along with earlier disk issues to another deleted nsd.
* Fix a problem that can lead to loss of an intermediate SSL key file.
* Fix a problem with interpreting the syncnfs mount option.
* Fix an assertion during mount that could happen when quota management is enabled and snapshot is being used.
* When open of the directory fails and not all fields are set, do not call back into GPFS to do close (release). This may cause an invalid assert due to attempting to reference uninitialized fields.
* Succedent tscrfs command will unset some flags unexpectedly even if it cannot get the permission to run. It will cause a daemon assert. Clear flags only if the command has set it before.
* This update addresses the following APARs: IZ63351 IZ65194 IZ65380 IZ65414 IZ65614 IZ66577 IZ66881 IZ66894 IZ67312 IZ67542 IZ67543 IZ67545 IZ67548 IZ67624.
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