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Pinned topic Intermittent Success with DB2 v 9.7 and HPU 4.1

‏2010-01-08T21:26:39Z |
We have DB2 v 9.7 with the new Fixpack 1 installed and DB2 HPU 4.1 and we run a script that launches 10 simultaneous HPU unloads against out database. Our database has 300 tables and the script is set up to launch a new HPU unload as ech one completes - always having 10 running until completetion. Prior to the Fixpack this process would immediately freeze up the instance, but now it runs sometimes and then other times it freezes up the instance and produces an FODC dump with this message:

PID : 233882 TID : 25376 PROC : db2cos_trap
INSTANCE: mtdbdmrp NODE : 000 DB : MMPA
APPHDL : APPID: *LOCAL.mtdbdmrp.100108200610
FUNCTION: oper system services, sqloEDUCodeTrapHandler, probe:999
EVENT : Invoking /apps/mtdbdmrp/sqllib/bin/db2cos_trap from oper system services sqloEDUCodeTrapHandler
We ran this same process with v 9.1 Fixpack 6 and HPU 3.1 with no problems. Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Intermittent Success with DB2 v 9.7 and HPU 4.1

    Hi Stu,
    Can you tell us which is the complete version of HPU you are using? Are you using HPU 4.1.0, 4.1.1 or 4.1.2?