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Pinned topic error - possible JRE conflict, WS5.1

‏2010-01-07T14:15:08Z |
I've been assigned a project to debug and we're using Websphere Studio Application Developer 5.1 with Java 1.3, accessing DB2 9.

When running the app on a server within Websphere it starts fine but when I try and access it through a web browser I get the following error: method decode(Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String; )L/java/lang/String; not found

See attached exception.

As far as I can tell something in the code I've been given makes a call to a more recent version of (Java 1.4 or later.) Unfortunately it seems to be a compiled library (possibly the DB2 driver?) whose code I don't have access to.

What's strange about all this is that it works fine for my coworkers - we're all accessing the same codebase from a CVS server. I can't tell where the error originates from (best guess is the DB2 driver) and whether or not I can find a replacement library compatible with the 1.3 JRE.

Websphere is configured to use the eclipse JRE that it installed (I checked to ensure that it's 1.3.) My system has Java 1.6 installed, and it is what runs when I type "java" on the command line (maybe it's an environment issue?)
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    Re: error - possible JRE conflict, WS5.1

    Have you found the solution to your problem? We are also trying to connect to DB2 with DB2 client 9.5, but getting the same error.
    Current Env - WAS 5.1, JDK1.3