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Pinned topic Differences between Sun JRE and IBM JRE.

‏2010-01-07T04:14:47Z |
Hi I'm about to perform a migration from Sun Solaris to an AIX Power server my client is using different versions of Weblogic and Sun JRE's.

weblogic 8.1 sp5 jdk jdk142_08
weblogic 7.0 sp6 /bea7/jdk131_14
weblogic 9.1 jdk jdk150_03
weblogic 8.1 sp6 jdk jdk142_11
weblogic 9.2 jdk150_04
WebLogic Server 8.1 SP3
WebLogic Server 8.1 SP3

Is there any reference documentation where I can find the detailed information about SUN JRE's and IBM JRE's:
  • Incompatibilities.
  • Common mistakes like using package com.sun.*
  • Bugs.
  • Support to Eclipse IDE to develop compatible AIX IBM Java code on Windows?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Hector Montiel.