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Pinned topic firewall and rsh

‏2010-01-06T17:04:00Z |
I have a new(ish) 1350 cluster with one master node and four compute nodes
all running RHEL 5.4 OS.
I am trying to set up rsh, rlogin, and rcp to work among the 5 nodes.
I have no problem with running these between any of the compute nodes
since I have the firewall disabled on them. And rlogin and rcp works from
the master node and any of the compute nodes. The problem is with rsh from
the master node to any of the compute nodes. Since rsh sends responses back to
the originating server (the master) and the master node is firewalled I get the
poll: protocol failure in circuit setup
which is telling me that the master node's rsh port is closed (by the firewall).
If I disable the firewall on the master node, everything work fine, so its definately a firewall issue.
So the question is: Is there a way to configure the master node's firewall
to be switched off for the ethernet port going to the cluster controller and the other
compute nodes while keeping the ethernet port on the master node used for connection
to my LAN firewalled?

Thnaks for any help on this.
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