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Pinned topic Giving Table As input Parameter to A BAPI In portlet Factory

‏2009-12-28T06:50:19Z |
Through the SAP view and form builder i am trying to call a BAPI which takes some input which are simple type(char, int) as well as a table. The test connection succeeds and the BAPI which we want to call is searched successfully and it shows the simple parameters which its takes as input but the table which is another input parameter is not appearing in the inputs list. I have also checked the Advanced Options - Table as input checkbox but the table is not coming in input list box. I want to know how can we achieve this . I have tried to give the inputs in the table manually but no avail. If anyone has succeesfully done this kindly share their views/links or documents. Any help regarding this will be appreciated .
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    Re: Giving Table As input Parameter to A BAPI In portlet Factory

    ‏2011-02-23T06:28:27Z  in response to khajan
    Did you find an answer to this? Do you have an example for this?

    Thanks a lot