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Pinned topic PHP to connect Remote IBM Informix IDS v11/10 Database Server & MySQL updat

‏2009-12-25T14:28:49Z |
Can somebody please help solve my problems. I shall appareciate your help a lot
(please read the details in the attached diagram)
The scenario is, I have got an IBM Informix IDS 11 Server with the OS=SUSE LINUX Enterprise v10; which contains my main database (db name= ppc and one of its table name = employee_master)
Now I have set up a new Web server (Apache PHP MySQL) based on Windows XP Pro.
Prob-1: How to connect/fetch data from Informix database server. I have tried the script as given below , it DID NOT work
-----------------php script for connection---------------------------------

$link= new PDO(“Informix:;host:172.xx.yyy.z; service=8002; database=ppc; server=informix_server; protocol=onsoctcp;”,”username”, “password”);

$query=”SELECT * FROM employee_master”;

foreach ($link->query($query) as $rows)

echo “$rows[0] $rows[1] $rows[2] </br>”; // supposing there are only 03 fields/columns in the table
----------------end of php script for connection-------------------------------------------------------------------

Whats wrong in the above script. I have already installed PDO_informix extension in the Webserver( for php, in the php.ini file) and Informix Client SDK in the web server and Informix Server also.Please suggest the solution. =====================================================================================
Prob-2: How to connect Informix database server from MySQL server(installed on Web Server); what should be the MySQL commands to update similar database and tables( same schema for both) automatically/manually.Here Informix server is sthe main server which gets updated and flooded with data continuously from client PCs through Telnet?

Generating output of the DB from Informix in a .sql file then importing in the MySQL is what I am doing presently.
Prob-3: How to create Temporary tables on the fly, from Informix server to the MySQL DB Server

Kindly provide me the solution to the above mentioned problems. i shall be thankful to you