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Pinned topic How can I Convert Varchar to Date Time

‏2009-12-23T22:53:52Z |
How can I convert data type "20091918" to Oracle Date format "18/19/2009".
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    Re: How can I Convert Varchar to Date Time

    iconv converts a string to an internal storage format, and oconv converts an expression to an output format
    When using iconv to transform date, it will change date into a day number from a perticular date, eg.. if we want to change ‘01/30/2010’ to ’29-01-2010’, first
    X = Iconv("01/30/2010", "D/E") X= 15371
    Then we use oconv to transform X to needed format
    X1 = Oconv( X,'D/DMYZ,Z,4' ) X1= 29/1/2010
    ‘/’ is the separator, ‘DMYZ,Z,4’ is the format of the date string, and any question can query help of transform stage, Using “D Code”.
    Finally, we use DateGenericToODBC() in “DS Transform” to transform X1 into date which can be recognized by ODBC.
    X2 = DateGenericToODBC(X1) X1= 2010-01-29
    So, the final syntax is
    DateGenericToODBC(Oconv(Iconv("01/30/2010", "D/E"),'D/DMYZ,Z,4' ))