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I am developing a website where user can come and register themself, later they will choose a Tree and he will update his observation results on weekly basis,Can I go with Cakephp, How tough it is? and how much time i need to understand it's architecture.
thanks in advance...
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    Re: CAKE PHP WEB Development

    Hi Pavenesh,

    That depends on two things; how complex the application is and how much experience you have with MVC Web application development.

    CakePHP - like other PHP Web application frameworks - offers lots of value and saves time as it covers a lot of boilerplate infrustructure - such as URL design, data access, and security - so you don't have to.

    However, if you don't why it does the things it does (and this is where the experience part comes in... to realize how many problems it already solves using a best practice), you'll find yourself battling against it and insisting on doing it your own way. After wasting some time, you'll come to see why it's done a particular way in CakePHP and then do it the Cake way.

    Keep in mind though, that none of what I said above is limited to CakePHP... This is also the case with Ruby on Rails, Spring with Java, or any other framework in any other language. If you're willing to invest the time up front to learn the framework and understand its philosophy, you stand a much better chance to reap the benefits in better quality applications.

    One risk that comes along with this is that you may have invested a lot of time learning a particular framework only to see the project die out or be replaced by the next big thing. This, above all else, is why people become so passionate (and occasionally religious) about their framework of choice and you may hear a lot of vested misinformation when a better choice for your situation may exist.

    So, getting back to the complexity of your application... Is it really something that needs a framework above what PHP delivers with its built in libraries? If not, just go with some simple custom code... CakePHP and other tools may be great and people may recommend them based on the time they've already invested, but the framework may be overkill for the job.
    Daniel Krook