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Pinned topic Optim Query Tuner and Workload Tuner now available

‏2009-12-18T00:15:10Z |
We recently released Fix Pack 1 for a variety of products including Optim Query Tuner and Optim Query Workload Tuner.

This download document contains information about getting the fix pack.

This fix pack includes a couple of cool new things such as the ability to run an access plan cost comparison report for SQL in z/OS static packages. There is also a new summary query report for both LUW and z/OS that can be used to help developers gather the right information required by the DBA group for tuning.

To hear more about these capabilities and other product features, view the replay or download the slides of the November virtual tech briefing on Query Tuning. You can find links here:

If you're interested in the other product fixpacks, here is a blog entry that contains links to all fixpack 1 download documents.

Watch that blog for an upcoming entry that contains more details on using the access plan cost comparison report.

Kathy Zeidenstein