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‏2009-12-17T15:40:28Z |
I need to start a development project in Java (and possibly C# later) that accesses and fills out preexisting XFDL forms (automating a process where an employee manually fills them out with Lotus Forms Viewer). I need to know where to start.

First, do I have to have my organization purchase a license? Setting up a Lotus Forms Server is overkill for the purpose of this project.

If I do/or do not need a license, what product do I need to get started?

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    Re: Getting Started With Lotus Forms In Java

    You will probably need to purchase Lotus Forms Server to install and use the API to modify a XFDL form. (Server includes the Form API "toolkit") It includes some samples code that will help you accomplish modifying a form. (I assume the changes are being made on the server correct?)

    Probably start with Java Tutorial in the Info Center but you can also look through the Lotus Forms API documentation for more details.

    Looking a bit further, the Java tutorial includes a section to set a value in a form

    Hope that helps