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Pinned topic CICS EXTEND Mode issue.

‏2009-12-17T04:47:12Z |
Hi All,

I am trying to connect to CICS from my EJB application via CICS Transaction gateway 6.1. We are using WAS6.1 for deploying our EJBProject.

I am using one simple session bean which invokes another program which send request to CICS TG. I am using JNDI managed connection.

Most of CICS transactions are working fine but some CICS transactions which involved multiple LUW hanged. I searched on internet for this issue and found out that I need to change Extend_Mode = ECI_NO_EXTEND.

But my question is how can I change this setting.

In my ejb-jar.xml I have tried <trans-attribute>NotSupported</trans-attribute> but no success.
My question is ---Where and how can we configure my ejb project to use extended or non-extended mode.

Any help would be great.