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Pinned topic how to generate XML Schema from RDF(S)/XML ?

‏2009-12-16T19:15:00Z |
Hi All,

How would you do, to generate the XML Schema corresponding to a RDFS/XML definition ?

Indeed, in the RDFS definition you find Class definitions (e.g <Class rdf:ID="Product">),
that translates to RDF/XML entries (like <Product> ... </Product>).

The RDF/XML document must have his own XML Schema.

I'd like to handle RDF/XML documents with regular XML technologies (like XLST for instance)
instead of relying on RDF-specific parser, so I need some way to generate this XML Schema.
I haven't found any tool that would do generate the XML Schema for me,
or is there something I missed ?

Thanks for your help !
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    Re: how to generate XML Schema from RDF(S)/XML ?

    Hi Eric73000.

    I don't think you've missed anything, I had a google around myself and didn't turn up anything promising.

    Although it's possible to use an XML Schema to check that something is valid RDF, it doesn't seem likely to me that there are any tools to automatically generate a schema to validate the contents of that RDF - because if it was, there wouldn't be much need for RDFS in the first place.

    You may be able to hand code some XSL for your specific RDF, and I may be completely wrong above, but I suspect you're going to have to bite the bullet and use an RDF specific parser or library.