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‏2009-12-16T17:06:04Z |
I am having issues with the \n working. I am trying to have information put into an email and I am wanting a blank line between text. Can't get it to work for some reason. Any help is appreciated. The email I am using is outlook.

<value compute="'mailto:?subject=(FOUO) Leave Request: ' +. Name.value +. ' Date: ' +. Date_signed.value +. &#xA;
'&amp;body=' +. EMAILCMD.custom:FOUO_STMT +. '\n\n' +. 'Leave Request for ' +. Name.value +. ' - Request Date Signed: ' +. &#xA;
Date_signed.value +. '&amp;filename=' +. LASTNAME4.value +. Employee_or_SSN.value +. EMAILDATE.value +. '_LV.xfdl'"></value>
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    Re: Creating return lines

    Instead of using \n , try using an actual return (new line) character. I think this will work as you will not have closed the quotes yet. If not, post back and I'll see if I (or someone else) can find you a better solution.