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Pinned topic wcm import problems

‏2009-12-15T23:26:43Z |
When i try to import wcm, I get a import completed message:

Tue Dec 15 17:44:40 EST 2009
logmsg 2009.12.15 17:44:40.671 import-wcm-data
logmsg EJPCA3100I: Configuration task "import-wcm-data" in progress

migrate Migration started. Configuration file: C:/IBM/WebSphere/wp_profile/PortalServer/wcm/config/wcm60_conf.xml.
logmsg 2009.12.15 17:44:41.328 import-wcm-data
logmsg EJPCA3102I: Configuration task "import-wcm-data" is complete.

However, nothing is copied. It does not even look into the wcm60_conf.xml file. I changed the password to a bogus password and do not get an error. I get the same completion message.

The file does exist on the systm.
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    Re: wcm import problems

    I had a space in the file name.