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Pinned topic Unable to load Form - Certificate error

‏2009-12-15T16:42:19Z |
Forms Viewer 3.5 FP1
Trying to load a form: An Error Has Occurred, Unable to load form

Appears to be due to the signers cert being expired, is there any way to open it? We dont really care that the cert is expired the form is still valuable. I have searched the forums here and struck out. Any ideas?
Tue Dec 15 09:31:41 2009 0 Viewer : Do not trust this digital signature (Signer certificate has expired) KIxx.Sxxxxxx.x.xxxxxxxx
at _PEVerifyAndLock(\build\Api-350\src\digisign\digisign.c:6638 Wed Oct 22 13:45:26 2008):5064:8
Tue Dec 15 09:31:41 2009 0 Viewer : One or more digital signatures could not be verified
at Error(\build\FormObjectModel\src\FormObjectModel\CBaseObject\CForm.cpp:400 Fri May 15 17:19:24 2009):5064:8