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Pinned topic TSM Data protection for mail in CLUSTER ENVIRONMENT

‏2009-12-15T13:44:15Z |

we are configuring TSM (Windows 2003) Data Protection for mail v 5.5 in the CLUSTER ENVIRONMENT on M/S Exchange Server 2007 in Windows 2008 Enterprise X64 box.

we have installed BACKUP ARCHIVE CLIENT with API and DATA PROTECTION FOR MICROSOFT EXCHANGE SERVER on every node of the cluster. We have edit the nodeID, SERVERID and clusternode=yes in dsm.opt file in TDPEXCHANGE directory.
we have registered the cluster nodes with TSM Server and also installed the Scheduler through Backup Archive Client in every cluster node.
Now when we are trying to login the EXCHANGE CLIENT GUI in the cluster node it is showing the following error

ACN5705W An error was encountered with TSM API initialization, rc=4604

with the following entry in dsierror.log
ANS1480E CLUSTERNODE is set to YES but the cluster service is not enabled on this system.

we are getting the same errors in every node of the cluster. We are stuck at this point.

Request you to share your expertize on this issue. Any help is highly appreciated.