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‏2009-12-14T08:19:43Z |
Is there a way to run php under websphere?
I've found PHP/Java Bridge - - but Is there any tutorial explains how to configure it with websphere? or anyother way to run php under websphere?

Thanks in advance.
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    Re: PHP under websphere

    Even if the post is more than three years old, I do believe that it summarizes the options available for integrating PHP today as well. See for yourself at Options for using PHP with WebSphere
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    Re: PHP under websphere

    Thanks, I've read this before, you can do this with the PHP/JAVA Bridge, but the problem is that I deploy a war file the war from that link and try to start the application for that war from the web console it fails to start. and Im getting a message to check the logs about the failure, Im finding no log about it, where I have to check for that failure? Or can I use wsadmin for starting the application so It will expose a detailed startup?