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Pinned topic unable to locate component iwzrlibm.dll

‏2009-12-10T19:13:16Z |
I'm working through a tutorial involving TXSeries for Multiplatforms (

When I get to the point of testing a transaction by invoking it from a CTG CICS terminal, I get the error "unable to locate component iwzrlibm.dll". I've noticed that this DLL is found under "C:\Program Files\IBM\SDP\bin"; where I guess it gets used by RDZ when compiling the COBOL program that is deployed to TXSeries for the transaction.

However, the tutorial indicates that all I need to copy over the the c:\opt\cics\bin folder (TXSeries) is the IBMCOB files that are generated during the RDZ build process.

It looks like either I need to copy the dependent DLLs over to TXSeries, or set up a runtime environment path, or bundle them with the IBMCOB files in some way.

Can anybody point me in the right direction?

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    Re: unable to locate component iwzrlibm.dll


    Looks like the PATH for the IBM COBOL runtime files (iwzr...dll) are missing when running programs under TXSeries... The COBOL runtime files are located in the RDz's bin directory (C:\Program Files\IBM\SDP\bin). You can resolve this problem by specifying the PATH in the region's environment file 'C:\var\cics_regions\<region_name>\environment" or you can set it in the system path profile. You will have to restart the CICS region once you do this modification.