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Pinned topic Create Draft Button for Published Content

‏2009-12-09T10:43:56Z |

We're currently using Portal and I have run in to an issue when trying to give contributors the ability to create a draft copy of published content.

We have two groups of users, "Content Creators" and "Content Approvers", the content creators only have the ability to create/edit/delete draft items and the approvers have the ability to move content through the workflow stages and also make changes to published content.

The problem is that I need the ability for content creators to have access to the "Create Draft" button when looking at published content. The only way that I seem to be able to do this is to grant them approver access but this is not an option because it gives them the ability to move the item to the expired stage or restart the workflow (causing the item to disappear from the site).

I notice that a lot of people have commented on this problem but I cannot find anyone else posting about this recently, is this something that has been changed/fixed in the last few months?

I think that contributor access on published content should allow them to create a draft, either that or the approver buttons should be made available to all but can be hidden depending on user/group.

Does anybody have any solution!