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Pinned topic Various versions of Redhat Linux on Power?

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Can you pl. provide the details ASAP to share it to project team like whether RHEL 5 in PPC is having 64 bit image or not. Here, RHEL 5.2 is in 32 bit, whether any kind of 64 bit is there.. I already googled out but no clue :(
Redhat OS in PPC 32bit 64bit

5.1 yes/No yes/No
5.2 yes/No yes/No
5.3 yes/No yes/No
5.4 yes/No yes/No
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    Re: Various versions of Redhat Linux on Power?

    I want to make sure I am answering your question correctly. It seems that you are asking if the different releases of RHEL are 64 or 32 bit for the Power architecture.

    The answer then is that they are indeed 64bit, all of them.

    There is compatibility for 32bit applications achieved through libraries and utilities that support 32bit operations but in order for you to get details on those I would have to point you to the Red Hat official documentation site at