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Pinned topic A1FD0001 - After attempting to flash firmware on 9114-275.

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I have an IBM Intellistaton 9114 Power 275. I had just installed AIX 5.3, and was having trouble getting it on the network. I thought maybe I needed to upgrade the firmware, so I attempted to do that. At the end of the firmware update, it said "Rebooting..." and hung there for about 10 minutes. I thought perhaps there was a bug in firmware updater and it needed help rebooting, so I manually rebooted the machine...

Now, when I power on the machine, A1FD0001 is displayed on the LED. After a bit of googling I've found that this error code means my firmware is corrupt. The machine will not start. I have attempted to login to the service processor by connecting my laptop to the serial ports with a null modem serial cable using Putty, and I am not able to get any sort of terminal to display.

The unit that holds the service processor has a light, and that light is not coming on.

I have read that I could perhaps disconnect the battery to the Service Processor for a few minutes to clear the flash, but I don't understand completely what the unwanted side effects would be.

Does anyone have any tips on how I can salvage this machine?

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    Re: A1FD0001 - After attempting to flash firmware on 9114-275.

    This is the linux forum for Power Architecture, our mission is to assist and discuss topics specifically about Linux. Your corrupt firmware is failing way before the operating system is loaded so your are outside of our area of expertise.

    I would suggest contacting IBM support to get assistance on how to recover. I did a little looking around and it was suggested that a floppy drive with the firmware on disks might be possible, but I don't know the details of how to go about that. Perhaps you could find more information on that here.