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Pinned topic generating odm application

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[shadi said:]

i have opl project that includes many model and data files, in the main model i create several configurations using each time different model and data files.
using the oplrun command from the opl development studio IDE every thing is ok, and for a small size problem i get the result very quecly.

BUT when i run odm application for the same problem the program never terminate.

1. how i can see the process of the odm application when solving the problem??????? i mean can i see "console" from the odm application???
2. does i use the same data in the above two cases (opl and odm)???

thanks in advanced
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    Re: generating odm application


    [alain.chabrier said:]

    If you run the ODM application from the IDE, you should see the engine information in the IDE.

    Is this what you look for ?