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Pinned topic suse linux entprise server 9 on ibm p52a

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we have installed the suse linux. now i want to configure raid1 on that.Can we configure RAID-1 (mirroring) after OS installed. if possible, tell me the steps..
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    Re: suse linux entprise server 9 on ibm p52a

    That depends on what area you want to make RAID. IBM Power RAID requires re-formating JBOD disks into AF disks before creating RAID arrays. You need to create RAID arrays before putting data on these RAID arrays. You cannot make RAID arrays on the system disks where SLES9 has already installed. Should you want to install Linux on a RAID array, you need to boot from CD/DVD into rescue mode and create RAID arrays before installing Linux. You can configure RAID arrays on unused data disks any time.

    To configure RAID arrays, login as root and run "iprconfig" command. iprconfig is a menu driven utility for IBM Power RAID SCSI/SAS systems. Select the disks to be used in the RAID arrays and format them into "AF disks". Then select 2 disks with identical size and use them to create a RAID-1 array. Note that RAID-1 is just a subset of RAID-10. iprconfig creates a RAID-1 array if you create a RAID-10 with only 2 disks.