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‏2009-11-19T22:47:35Z |
Do you need software or services to help with reducing the time it takes to do testing, set up IMS test systems and/or reduce those costs?

I wanted to start a thread where you can discuss process and tools you use for IMS test and what needs to be improved.

Here is a tool that now integrates with Rational RDz that helps virtualize IMS test systems:

Standardware COPE mainframe virtualization solution for IMS integrates with RDz to enable additional productivity and cost savings for Z development projects.

With the new release of RDz we are highlighting the value of our Ready for Rational software partner Standardware:
The Standardware COPE solution allows IMS development teams to virtualize their IMS test environments for potential savings in test resources, process time and set-up systems skills without associated application program changes. The COPE JCL integration with IBM Rational Developer for System z used in conjunction RDz ’s remote interactive testing, debugging and deployment capabilities can help achieve business objectives by making the IMS test deployment less CPU costly and more transparent for the developer .

More information about COPE can be found in the IMS Newsletter:

Or at the Standardware site: