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Pinned topic DB2 for z/OS information announcements. Last Updated: 4/21/2011

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This thread is regularly updated with announcements about DB2 for z/OS and links to DB2 resources.

FAQ about DB2 for z/OS information - 4/21/11
Not sure if you have the most current information for DB2 for z/OS? Wondering how to find important DB2 information resources or how to order hardcopy books of DB2 information? Find this information and answers to other frequently asked questions at

Interested in learning about best practices for DB2 for z/OS? - 4/4/11
On the best practices website (, you can quickly find helpful advice on a variety of DB2 for z/OS topics. In the past few months, the website has been updated with four new performance-related webcasts, including one with practical advice based on DB2 health checks at a variety of customer installations.

Information center updates! - 3/25/11
The Information Management Software for z/OS Solutions Information Center ( was updated today. This refresh includes library-wide updates for DB2 for z/OS Version 9 and Version 10, as well as updates of DB2 Version 8 messages, codes, internationalization, and programming for Java information.

If you haven't checked recently, the IC now includes some significant DB2 content improvements for migration, internationalization, and stored procedures:

Migration checklists for DB2 10
Pre-migration and migration checklists have been added to aid in migration from Version 8 or Version 9 to Version 10.
Check them out here:

New internationalization information
This information has been heavily revised since it was first published in Version 8. It now discusses issues such as:
  • How do I set up my DB2 subsystems and applications to make sure that they are using the correct CCSIDs to interpret my data?
  • How do I factor in the other products that I use, like z/OS, CICS, WebSphere MQ, my COBOL compilers and more?
  • If I convert to my DB2 data to Unicode, should I use UTF-8 or UTF-16, and how do I implement such a conversion?
  • How do I account for cultural differences in sorting and casing various international data in my applications?
V10 -
V9 -

Revised DB2 stored procedure information
You can now retrieve all of the information that you need to implement DB2 stored procedures from one place:
V10 -
V9 -
Also, all of the DB2-supplied stored procedures are now listed in one place:
V10 -
V9 -

z/OS Basic Skills Information Center - 3/10/2011
Did you know? The z/OS Basic Skills Information Center ( contains introductory information about a wide variety of z/OS-related subjects, including DB2 for z/OS, IMS, CICS, and application programming, security, and networking on z/OS. Consider telling some of your colleagues about this resource that can be extremely helpful to people who are new to z/OS and want to increase their knowledge.

DB2 10 information update - 11/29/2010
The DB2 for z/OS information center has been updated to include Japanese translation of the entire DB2 10 library and Spanish translation of a portion of the DB2 10 library. Check it out!

New DB2 for z/OS Best Practices website - 10/21/2010
Are you looking for recommendations and tips on how to best use DB2 for z/OS to meet your business needs? If so, check out the new DB2 for z/OS Best Practices website at This site provides best practices recommendations from some of your favorite DB2 experts based on field experience. You can download and watch presentations, listen to podcasts and previously recorded webcasts, and read articles. Some of the topics covered include:
  • Virtual storage tuning
  • Security
  • Software maintenance strategies
  • XML
  • Setting up application servers to access DB2 for z/OS
  • Partitioning table spaces
  • Debugging stored procedures
And don't forget to tell us what you think and provide your suggestions for future topics by sending feedback to the email listed on the page (

The DB2 for z/OS Exchange website - 10/21/2010
The DB2 for z/OS Exchange has moved to IBM My developerWorks. The new URL is

In case you aren't familiar with the Exchange or need a reminder of what this site is all about... it's a community website where you can share sample code with your colleagues. So far, the community has posted examples of recursive common table expressions, converting EBCDIC columns to Unicode, converting CLOB columns to XML, native SQL procedures, INSTEAD OF triggers for partitioning tables, and more. Plus, IBM has posted the ever popular MEMU2 and MEMUSAGE REXX execs.

Here's what DB2 for z/OS customers are saying about the examples on this site:
"This code has been a life saver!"
"This is the code that I've been looking for years. It is an outstanding job"
"Beautiful! I love it! Thanks!"
"This is just what I needed!"
"This is so cool!"

Any of these examples pique your interest? Or are you looking for something else? Perhaps a REXX call of DB2? A stored procedure that returns a result set? Or maybe a before and after example of an external procedure that has been converted to a native SQL procedure? Or maybe an example COBOL program that has been modified to handle Unicode data?

Whether you have one of these examples to submit, want to post a request for one of these examples, or just want to browse what's already there, come visit this website. And remember to update any old bookmarks.

March 2010 DB2 for z/OS information updates - 4/5/2010

The DB2 for z/OS documentation was updated at the end of March. The following areas now contain the latest information.

DB2z Version 9.1 for z/OS
Character conversion

DB2 UDB for z/OS Version 8
Character conversion

You can access the updated content at the Information Management Software for z/OS Solutions Information Center.

DB2 for z/OS Reference Summary, Diagnostic Quick Reference, and Installation Guide usage survey - 2/25/2010

The DB2 for z/OS Information Development team would like to know how you use the DB2 Reference Summary, Diagnostic Quick Reference, and the DB2 Installation Guide.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this very brief survey (approx. 3 minutes). This survey will help us provide you with the resources you need for DB2 for z/OS.

Information center flash tutorials - 11/18/2009

Check out these new viewlets that demonstrate how to navigate, search, filter, and print information in the Information Management Software for z/OS Solutions Information Center:

New features of the information center include: the ability to easily group search results at the product level; an improved mechanism to keep the navigation pane synchronized with the displayed topic; the ability to collapse all expanded topics in the navigation pane; a more prominent button for printing information; and a breadcrumb trail at the top of topics to aid in navigation.
DB2 for z/OS information center update - 11/18/2009

The DB2 for z/OS information center was recently updated. The updates include a refresh of the entire V9 library, the entire V8 library in Japanese, and some V8 information in English. Check out what's new at:

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