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Pinned topic Who uses what cube?

‏2009-11-16T10:16:23Z |
Is there a way of finding what powerplay cubes are accessed and even by which users within the business.

I managed to find this out once before txt/log files on our old powerplay server, but on this new one cant find it...any help much appreciated. Thanks
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    Re: Who uses what cube?

    Did you enable auditing on this new server?

    If not, here it is the Steps of how:
    1. In PowerPlay Enterprise - Server Administration, select one of the following:
    • A server, to enable server auditing.
    • A cube or report, to enable cube or report auditing.
    2. From the Edit menu, click Properties, and then click the Settings tab.
    3. In the Auditing Level box (Options), select Summary or Detail.
    4. Optionally, change the default values for the Maximum size of each file in kilobytes (kB) and
    Location for audit files settings.
    5. Click OK.